What The Hell Is Up With This Fiat 500 Prototype?

It looks like Fiat is prepping another variant of the 500 to hit our shores.

But the question is, what the hell is it?

This mule, spotted in Florida, is sporting cladding over the rear bumper and an EV sticker on the rear window. The ride height also appears to be considerably higher than the standard car.


We have about 23 theories as to what this car is. Here are the best ones:
- It is a 500 EV, since it was at speed the photographer couldn't determine what exactly was powering the car. We don't see any exhaust pipes anywhere.
- It isn't a 500 EV, and Fiat is being super clever. Maybe it's actually the 500T or a TwinAir.
- It's a prototype of the 500X. Even though the body doesn't look lengthened, the ride height and cladding on the bumper could be hiding something.

But then again, the raised ride height could mean Fiat strengthened the suspension to handle batteries.

So basically, we don't know what it is. But it sure isn't a regular old 500.

(Hat Tip to _ANTHONY_!)

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