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What The Hell Is This?

Illustration for article titled What The Hell Is This?

Occasionally we get car spy shots in our inbox and it's immediately obvious what the car is. Other times, we have no clue what we're looking at. This is one of those times.


This image comes to us courtesy of UnevaRidge, who says that it is a Chevy testing in Colorado.

When I posed the question to the team, we came up with a few different answers, but settled on the refreshed Buick Regal.


What say you? Any details jump out that give it away? Click the pic and annotate the dead giveaways or what makes you question what it really is.

What The Hell Is This? is a game I just thought up and that we might play again soon. There is no right or wrong answer because, well, I also have no idea what is in the picture. Annotate the pic and comment away. Let's figure this out.

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It's the redesigned Opel Insignia rebadged as a Buick Regal.
The car I pictured is the hatch, so the rear end is slightly different than the Buick sedan. I could only find pictures of the redesigned hatch and wagon, but it's so similar I'd guess it'll do here.

To tease a little, here's the wagon: