What The Hell Is This?

Car spy photos aren't always the most exciting things to look at. "Oh hey, a car with weird stripes!" But, for some reason, this one has me intrigued. What do we think it is?

Twitter user (useist?) @TheKyleEllis sent us this picture of a camo'ed SUV pulling into a garage. He says that it was seen in Columbus, Ohio in an office park that has offices for VW, Tesla, and Honda.


I originally thought that this was a Porsche Macan. The narrow rear lights and the rake of the rear gate are what make me think that's the case. And having a VW garage in the area makes it even more feasible. But now, looking at it, I'm leaning more towards a 2014 Acura MDX.

But what say you, the Jalopnik commentariat? What the hell is this?

What The Hell Is This? is a game I just thought up and that we might play again soon. There is no right or wrong answer because, well, I also have no idea what is in the picture. Annotate the pic and comment away. Let's figure this out.

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