What The Hell Is Going On In This Video Of An Apparent Hit And Run?

In Saskatoon, Canada, a suspected car thief crashed a flatbed truck into a parked Ford F-150. Local residents heard the crash, and went outside to film. The resulting video shows the world’s most pathetic attempt to flee a crime scene, as the perpetrator flounders with his busted-up Ram 5500.


A hit and run, by definition, involves an accident and a subsequent flight from the crime scene. The driver of the Ram 5500 in the video below managed the first part of “hit and run” just fine, but the latter part caused him some trouble. Look at the Ram driver struggle with the severely wounded flatbed truck:

The Saskatoon police say the accident occurred around 5:40AM on Saturday, and that the Ram 5500 had been stolen from a nearby town. After the suspect gave up trying to drive the Ram and ran away on foot, cops say they tried to track him with dogs, but to no avail.

The F-150's driver’s-side wheel was ripped off, and just sat in the middle of the street. The beefy Ram seems to have busted its ball joints, tie rod and probably many other suspension and steering components, because those front wheels seemed to have been in no way connected.

What a big mess.

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First rule of a hit-and-run: Don’t hit so hard that you’re unable to run.