What The Hell Is Going On Here?

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OK, so that's some exhaust tubing, maybe an '80s Nissan shift lever, and then there's a couple of... and some... and then no floors or a dash, and the filter box near the window, and... wait, what?

No, really. Someone please explain this. (Meth? Inbreeding? Too many ex-wives?) Click on it. Soak up the details. Let it sink in.

Also, nice Mustang wheels on your Maxima. Really. (Hat tip to Jedimario!)

[Tampa Racing]

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At first I was confused, but then when I saw the segue lady post I realized it was "post stuff that was on Jalopnik three years ago" day.


The original thread from the builder (who's a real piece of work) is here: [www.thewolfweb.com]