Some poor unfortunate soul had their Lamborghini Aventador completely smushed in the posh (yeah I said it) neighborhood of Knightsbridge in London today. But what happened? And where is the driver?

From the pictures appearing on Twitter, it looks as if the driver simply said "screw this," after their Lamborghini was squished, and went to go buy another one.

Gutted for whichever footballer crashed their lambourgni on Sloane Street. Already people taking selfies with it

The Lamborghini was involved in a three-car accident, according to the local Metro, but no other facts of the case have yet emerged. It looks like it might've hit the BMW 3-Series in the video above, but that's all we have to go on. A few theories:

1) The BMW somehow moved completely perpendicular to the street, hitting the poor Lamborghini driver


2) It was smashed by swinging logs, a la the Battle of Endor

3) Meteors. Meteors rained from the sky, and hit the Lamborghini. Two meteors. Perfectly parallel.

The Lamborghini driver, like all Lamborghini drivers, is definitely not at fault. Alternative theories go in the comments below!