We're happy to have a brand-new gull-winged Mercedes and a McLaren road car back among the living. Which made us wonder: In a perfect world, what long-lost super car would come back to us again?

Well. we're Americans. We've always been Americans. When we were babies, we were baby Americans. And long before that, there was one amazing super car that was just as American: The Ford GT40, resurrected once already as the Ford GT. It was the car of Gurney and Foyt, two outstanding but very different Americans, and it partnered with the British (at Lola) to beat a dictator (Enzo Ferrari) and win in France (at LeMans), which is ridiculously American. Fellow Americans and citizens of the world, the return of this car would enrich us all. It saddens us that our country once went to the moon, but then stopped. Can we in good conscience bring back the spirit of the GT40 only once? We say the GT needs to come back in some form if Ford wants to be America's premier carmaker.

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