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Mini has an established reputation of being as quirky as possible, no matter how pointless and far away from the original car their vehicles get.

In LA, we saw the Paceman for the first time at a U.S. auto show. It's still a Countryman coupe and both of them are still entirely undesirable to us.


Then there's the Clubvan, a Clubman all ready to take on very small van duties. The one on display at Mini this week is decorated as a locksmith's van, with the clever business name Pop-A-Lock. While it's totally conceivable for businesses that think even a Ford Transit Connect is too big of a van to use one of these things, there are so many fun businesses you could start if you had what's probably the most fun to drive van you can buy new.

So what would business would you have if you had a Mini Clubvan? Teacup poodle grooming service? Garden gnome sales? Of course, some strategically placed "Larsen Biscuits" and "Peniston Oil" stickers are always a good idea.

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