What should someone buy instead of a Honda Civic?

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With the new Honda Civic embroiled in controversy over its recent devaluation by Consumer Reports, some sisters-in-law have wondered which car might be a good option in its stead. What car should you recommend someone buy instead of a Honda Civic?


Our pick? Hyundai Elantra. It's no better or worse to drive than the new Civic, it has a much-improved interior that shames the Civic's, it gets better mileage, it's cheaper, it looks better, and it's built by a company who is hungry for your business. Is it necessarily the car we'd drive? No. Is it the one we'd tell our dental hygienist to get as cheap, reliable, above-par transportation? Absolutely.


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Matt Brown

A Civic SI was on my short list. I got one of these instead, and I love it. Excellent all around car, especially if you live in a city like LA.