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What Should Be Included In A Movie About Enzo Ferrari?

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Last week Variety reported that LA-based Cecchi Gori Pictures is trying to get a long-stalled biopic about Enzo Ferrari back on track. What should it be about and who should be in it?


Variety says it's less of a racing film and more like a Godfather-type story that happens to have racing in it. If this movie was about anyone but Enzo Ferrari, I would think that idea was stupid, but Ferrari's life was so full of drama and intrigue that this premise actually sounds like a cool idea.

And let's face it: if Rush proved anything, it's that U.S. audiences don't want to sit around and watch a bunch of racing, sadly.


The basis for the film is apparently Brock Yates' 1991 book Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races. A script has been around for years and Al Pacino was attached to star as Il Commendatore, but the film never happened.

So let's give these producers some ideas. What should be included in an Enzo Ferrari biopic? The early postwar years of racing? How about the Le Mans battles of the 1960s?

And perhaps most importantly, who should star in it? I could see Pacino as Ferrari. That's a good start.

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Most definitely 1966 Le Mans