What Shoes Do You Wear To Drive?

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Just as the tires are the only part of the car that touch the road, your feet are the only part of you to touch the pedals. What shoes do you wear to drive?


We're split into two camps. Mostly, we prefer an older pair of Nikes or Reeboks. We once had a pair of Chucks so abused our fear was the clutch pedal would break through the sole if we pressed down hard enough. At the moment, we're breaking in a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s for the job. Wes, believe it or not, will just as soon wear topsiders as anything else. Ray Wert, on the other hand, has traded up to a pair of professional grade Pilotis in Challenger B5 Blue, though we've seen him do just fine in a pair of slippery dress shoes.

Feel free to include different shoes for different driving occasions. What's been your best driving shoe? What's been your worst?

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I bought a pair of Piloti driving shoes and love them. Especially made for driving and are good in everyday use also. Google 'em.