What Science Fiction Transportation Technology Actually Made No Sense?

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The flying cars from Back to the Future Part II sound absolutely great, if you don’t think about them for even a microsecond. And that’s because when you think about the nature of the general populace flying things through the sky, it begins to get very scary, very quickly.


That’s not to say that people who pilot airplanes are superhuman in any regard, they just take the time and put in the effort to get some proper training. Flying a plane is difficult, not least because you need to think in three dimensions, rather than the normal two of simply driving a car on the ground.

We have horrific accident rates as it is – add in the extra complexity of flying, plus the notion that even a minor fender-bender would send the occupants of both vehicles likely plummeting to the ground, and you end up with some pretty horrific consequences of actually putting cars in the air.

But the flying cars of Back to the Future weren’t the weirdest sci-fi transportation technology. There were plenty of things over the years that were even worse. What do you think was the weirdest? Let us know in the comments below!

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