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Though you’re probably (hopefully) not reminded of it all too often, the safety features in cars today are incredibly important and very often unappreciated. But are they so unappreciated that we don’t know what we’re missing?


Just this morning my colleague David Tracy and I were talking about how he finally got his Jeep J10 running again, but how the carbon monoxide levels nearly killed him because of an unavoidable exhaust leak. Then I remembered a 1999 Dodge Ram that nearly off’d me in a very similar way. That got us thinking. Why don’t cars have an in-cabin carbon monoxide alarm?

New cars, of course, are put through vigorous tests so that they don’t poison their occupants, but how about a few Northeast winters down the line?


Hell, GM could even throw these on its OnStar equipped vehicles, and maybe even save a few of their owners from a carbon monoxide driven suicide every once and a while.

So readers, would you please take a moment, lend us your brains and tell us, what safety features would you like to see in the cars of tomorrow?

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