What’s The Worst Car On Your Driving Bucket List?

Never mind exotic supercars, what awful cars would you like to drive before you pop your clogs?

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Two Dodge Calibers parked by a cliff
What’s the worst car you’d like to drive before you pop your clogs?
Photo: Dodge

We’ve all made bucket lists, right? The things we hope to do before calling it a life—outlandish activities like skydiving, sailing round the globe or visiting the best restaurant in the world.

But this is a car site, so we don’t care about stuff like that.

Instead, we want to know the vehicular ventures that make it onto your list of must-do activities. But because this is us, we’re interested in finding out about the awful cars that you’d like to take a ride in before it’s your time to elevate to a higher plane.


Sure, it’s exciting to dream about getting behind the wheel of a McLaren P1 or Ferrari 250 GT California, but have you got a hankering to drive something atrocious for the first time? Or maybe, you want to revisit a long-lost ride that caused you so much heartache in the past.

Maybe, you’d love to pick up an old Nissan Micra and rag it round a few RallyCross events. That way, both you and the car can have the epic send off you both deserve during your final days.


Alternatively, you might have always wanted to get behind the wheel of something truly woeful. A car like the Dodge Caliber might be an anomaly you always wanted to explore, or you might want to experience the Chevrolet Malibu at least once before leaving this planet.

Whatever the awful car you’d pick, we want to know why and what you would do with it. After all, it could be the last abominable automobile that you ever drive.


Let us know the worst cars on your driving bucket list in the comments section below, and we’ll assemble a list of some of the best answers at the end of the day.