What’s The Worst Automaker-Branded Product You Can Buy?

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The best things automakers put their badges on are their cars. But they also slap that brand on just about anything else you're dumb enough to buy.


If you want to look a tool and wear a bunch of clothing that says "BMW" and "M-Sport" all over it, the accounting department in Munich is happy to oblige. Assuming you're a more serious enthusiast, however, you're likely not terribly interested in anything but their most essential and understated products.

That doesn't mean, however, that they're not throwing a bunch of crap out there. Take this Aston Martin-branded Andrioid, for example. It's a not terribly stylish phone running specs that might have been impressive 2 years ago. But it's got gold inlays, and an Aston Martin logo!!! That'll be $1,300, please.

What are the other loyalty-abusing products automakers are trying to pawn off on us?

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Kit 'Haddy' Iwamatsu

Aston Martin Cygnet. They don't even make it, they just put their name on it!

Its totally loyalty abuse. You have to own another Aston Martin just to buy it!