What’s The Ultimate Professor’s Car?

There tends to be a lot of groupthink when it comes to cars. People buy what their brother likes, what they see all over (so it must be good), or what a coworker has. Nowhere is this more true than in academia.

Professors all tend to wear the same bow tie, the same tweed jacket, and smoke the same pipe in their similarly paneled offices overlooking the quad. (Yes, these are stereotypes, but that's what this is all about.) When Prof. Greenley has to leave the ivy covered walls, what's he hopping into?


A Saab 900. A recent study has shown that, despite not being on the market for nearly 20 years in any form, the 1980's-style Saab 900 is driven by 8 out of every 10 professors. The slightly lumpy shape and lack of sporting pretensions (plus a huge boot for the publisher's overstock of the $200 textbook he wrote) suits Prof. Greenley to a T. The faded paint and mossy interior fit in perfectly with the centuries old building in which he has his office. The Saab 900 is the ultimate professor's car.

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Photo Credit: Tom Ellis

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