What’s The Most Embarrassing Car To Take On A First Date?

From monotonous minivans to messed up Mustangs, what first date car is likely a deal-breaker?

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What’s a surefire way to embarrass yourself in front of your date?
Gif: David Spalton

The pandemic is over, apparently, and we’re allowed out of the house again –hooray! That means, you might be out to meet someone new one day soon. And if that’s the case, it’s important to arrive in the right attire and behind the wheel of the right car.

If you’re out to impress, you might think something flashy like a G-Wagon or Corvette could be the way to go. Or, if you want to paint a more humble image of yourself, a classic Volvo will always impress the right people.


But, what are the cars to avoid, or pretend you don’t own on a first date?

That’s what we want to uncover—the cars so embarrassing for anyone to be seen driving while on the dating scene that you’re guaranteed to end the night without a second date. Bummer.


Maybe, like some people in the office, you’re anti-minivan. If so, the thought of anyone turning up to wine and dine you in a Ford Aerostar or Chevrolet Astro is sure to fill you with dread.

Or, you’re not the showing-off type. Then, that exotic Italian supercar or high-riding luxury SUV could all feel a little gauche.


Alternatively, it might come down to the condition of the car, and that could be an instant turn-off. If it breaks down en-route to your date, or if you uncover a rat’s nest beneath the rear seats, you might want to bail there and then.

In contrast, a pristine set of wheels could mean your date pays more attention to their car than they might to you. These could all be red flags that come back to haunt you one day.


And that’s what we want to round up today, the most embarrassing cars you can drive to pick up a first date. Let us know your best (or worst?) suggestions in the comments section below.