What’s The Craziest Head-of-State Car?

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Being President/Queen/Dictator means you don't really get to drive your own car anymore, which sucks. The plus side, however, is that you're driven around in a monster of an armored limousine.

We commoners have access to a lot of cool metal. If we scrap together enough money, Ferrari might even allow us to buy a 599 XX (but you can only drive it on the track, and don't even think of taking it home).

Being Head of State, however, means you have access to Range Rovers with dogs as hood ornaments, giant glass G-classes otherwise known as Popemobiles, or if you're Barack Obama, Cadillac One.


While no one knows the specifics of what's in this car (security and all), we do know that it's actually a truck, despite being well disguised as a DTS. Those headlights? They're off an Escalade. You never realize the full scale of this thing until you see someone next to it. Rumor has it that there's even a blood bank on board, and some say that despite being a GM product it's not actually American at all, but was built in Kenya. All we know is, it's the Presidential Limo.

So is Obama's ride the be-all-end-all of political transport, or is there another leader that's rolling in something cooler?

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