What’s The Best Way To Increase Fuel Economy Without Replacing Your Car?

With gas prices on the rise, everybody would like to get a few more miles out of each gallon. But not everybody has the drive or the means to replace their car.

The economic case for trading in a used car for hybrids, diesels, and other high-efficiency vehicles isn't always rock solid. While you save money at the pump, it's not always enough to make up the initial extra cost of these cars, sometimes for as long as a decade after you've bought one.


Thankfully, there are ways to improve your fuel economy without buying an entirely new car. Perhaps the best way is to change your driving style. Don't do burnouts at every stop light, keep a long following distance and try not to stop and start in traffic, and keep your RPM low. Depending on your current style, you could see a dramatic dive in fuel consumption. As usual, Jeremy Clarkson explains it all.

What are other great ways to increase fuel economy in your current car?

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Photo Credit: Ben McLeod

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