What’s The Best Snack For A Long Road Trip?

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For a truly efficient road trip, you've got to cut down on stops. When you get hungry, you should have a pick-me-up ready in the car.

If you're stopping to supercharge your Tesla, you'll probably have enough time to grab a bite to eat as well. However, during those 3 hours in between stops you might get a little hungry, too. What are you to eat then?
You'll want something that's easy to eat, not messy, and packs a punch in terms of the energy it'll give you to keep on trucking. If it were us, it'd have to be a Clif Bar. They adhere to all the preceding qualifications, and most of them are delicious. Tastes vary, and there's a flavor for everybody, but we're partial to White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Carrot Cake.


What are other good snacks to have on a long journey?

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Photo Credit: Richard Thomas