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What’s the Best Car You’ve Ever Driven?

The best car you’ve ever driven could be your current car, or something you test drove long ago.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of a black Golf GTI Hatchback.
What’s the best car you’ve ever driven?
Photo: VW

I spent yesterday out riding an electric bike I’m in the process of reviewing. It was pretty lush, spending a day carving up the miles on some gravel trails. Then, about halfway through my 40-mile ride, I started to think that this might be as good as it gets. This might be the best bike I’ve ever ridden.

Now that I’m back home and my legs are as stiff as a board, I wondered if anyone else out there has had a similar revelation while out and about? And, since we’re not an e-bike site just yet, we’re opening the floor to cars instead. So, Jalopnik readers, what’s the best car you’ve ever driven?


Maybe the first car you ever drove was a real doozie, some aging muscle car that had been handed down through the family for you all to learn to drive stick in? Or perhaps you’ve been saving up ever since you got your license and now you’re sat behind the wheel of your dream ride?

And sure, while this very fancy e-bike might be the best thing I’ve ridden, if we’re talking about things on four wheels instead, then there has to be a different answer.


I don’t know if it’s a time and setting kind of thing, but one standout for me is probably a pristine MKII Golf GTI I once took for a spin on the twisty turny roads of Scotland. I love a hot hatch, and this one paired with an 80s soundtrack of Prince and David Bowie while touring the hills of Scotland was a pretty fun day.

So now it’s over to you. Whatever the car and whenever you drove it, we want to know. So head to the comments section below and let us know the best cars you’ve ever driven. We’ll round up some of the top suggestions in a slideshow on Monday.