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What Regrettably Expensive Mistakes Have You Made In A Car?

Are there any motoring mistakes that have left you seriously out of pocket?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
What is the most expensive motoring mistake you have ever made?
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Driving can be ... expensive. Whether you’ve taken on ownership of a pricey car, added some expensive accessories or simply needed to fill your gas tank, it can all add up and quickly.

So today, that’s what we want to uncover – the expensive mistakes you’ve made while owning, operating or even admiring a car.


Perhaps your sub-par driving skills once left you with a hefty repair fee, or maybe your amateur wrenching or self-taught YouTube academy skills weren’t what you thought and caused more harm than good? Either way, we want to hear about those pricey automotive mistakes that left you quite a bit out of pocket.

You might be like this Scandinavian supercar driver who had their Lamborghini confiscated as they drove it home from the lot. Or maybe your parking skills were once on a par with this Swiss Lamborghini driver who ended up in a lake. Why is it always Lamborghinis?


For people driving more modest models, it could be a small mistake like letting your kids borrow your car so they can learn to drive stick. That error could leave you footing the bill for a new clutch or a new front/rear end in failing to get the car into gear quickly enough. Or maybe, while they were borrowing your car, they accidentally carried out the cardinal sin of putting diesel in a petrol tank?

In hindsight, it’s maybe best not to let anyone ever borrow your car.

Alternatively, you might see your last purchase as the biggest motoring mistake that you have ever made. That’s what Steve DaSilva thinks here in the office, he said “Mine was Subaru ownership” when this question was posed.

So let us know the most regrettably expensive mistakes you have ever made in a car in the comments section below.