What Police Car Scares You?

Years of keen observation has made me a living, breathing radar detector yet, despite my cop-sensing abilities, there are still a few law enforcement vehicles that cause my right foot to jerk off the gas. What police car scares you?

When the Crown Vic was the only cop car on the beat things were gloriously easy because, let's face it, Ford didn't sell many non patrol units unless they were painted bright yellow. Most of us can probably spot the rectangular headlights of a P71 from a mile away, at night, in the rain, under an overpass. The 2006 release of the Charger changed everything. People actually buy Chargers because they want them and they often buy them in white, black or silver. Sure, there are a few distinguishing factors but we dare you to notice them straight-on at speed.


And should you pass a Charger parked on the highway at anything more than the written speed limit, even if it's not a cop car, you have to start at those mean-looking eyes and wonder: am I toast?

Be honest, what police car scares you?

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