What Not to Do With Airbags

As kids we did similar things to this with steel trash cans and M-80's. Difference was we always faced the steel bottom of the can between us and whatever explosive device we had somehow obtained and put under the can. Spare airbags are evidently the new fireworks. Despite the danger pictograms on dashboards and vast information floating around the interwebs and television, these guys failed to remember that airbags can in fact be dangerous. Slow-mo replays at the end of the clip are absolutely comical. Don't try this at or away from home, kids.


Oh, What A Recall! Toyota Calls In 30,000 Scion tC Over Random Side Airbag Deployment; Mercedes Recalls 61,000 C-Classes for Airbag Fix [Internal]

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How about those explosive seat belt pre-tensioners? They look tailor-made for blow-your-fingers-off fun!