The folksy charmers over at The Car Connection have come up with a list two short of a dozen of concept cars over the decades that they feel Detroit should've put into mass production. Speaking as Los Jalopniks, we can't believe that Firebirds I, II & III didn't make the list. Freakin' pansies. No wonder the Motor City's in need of a scraping from the bowl with a terlet brush! Turbine power now. If we're indeed living in the future, we'd rather be somewhere else. TCC's list after the jump.

1956 Chrysler Norseman

1967 Chevrolet Astro II

1972 Chevrolet Corvette Four-Rotor

1997 Chrysler Phaeton

1999 Pontiac Aztek

2000 Jaguar F-Type

1999 & 2003 Chevrolet Nomad

2002 Lincoln Continental

2004 Cadillac Sixteen

2006 Ford Reflex

Ten Concepts Detroit Should Have Built [The Car Connection via Autoblog]


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