What New Car Do You Want To Hot Rod With Your Kids In 20 Years?

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Today's expensive new cars are tomorrow's inexpensive project cars for parents and their kids. But what new cars will you want to hot rod with your kids in twenty years?


Assuming hot rodding hasn't been banned or the cars aren't clunkerized in Cash For Clunkers II: Revenge Of Pelosi, we imagine the same sorts of cars being wrenched on now by families will be targets for future generations. That means we'll want something relatively simple, cheap (both to buy and for parts later on), RWD and attractive or unique. For us, this means the Dodge Magnum, of which there are still a few left on the lots.

We'd go with an SRT8/RT depending on what we could find. It's going to be rare in a few years (as most of them fall apart). It comes complete with a fairly simple V8 (cylinder deactivation be damned), RWD and a regular manual transmission. Because of the popularity of the Hemi V8 engines, aftermarket parts will hopefully be available. It'll be a head-turner as people ask "What the hell is that." The only ones left for sale are the ones with the updated front fascia, which is more attractive. Plus, you know, daddy loves wagons.


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I'll go ahead and say what we're all scared of saying:

It'll be the Tesla or Fisker or some other electric. Gas will be too expensive to make a decent hot rod from internal combustion feasible. Instead we'll be swapping out batteries and electric motors to make that nimble old Lotus chassis achieve our desired results. The cool kids will be looking for batteries and motors that are lighter and more powerful.

So yep, I'd say it'll be them, or some other form of automobilia which will be capable of accepting electric implants.