Experts in motorcycling and anyone who’s ever been in a bike crash will tell you: “Wear all the gear, all the time.” We’re curious about what your attire actually looks like when you ride. Do you hit the road in shorts or suit up like a power ranger for every trip?

I’m always torn on this myself. Protective apparel is kind of a pain in the ass, but know what’s an even bigger pain in the ass? Sliding down the highway in Levi’s. Ugh, but it’s so annoying to dress up like a knight in armor just to make a coffee run.


I’ll be fine in the shorts this time, right? I’ve never crashed on this road before and I’m not gonna go fast... of course, that’ll be the time I get rear-ended at a stop light by somebody balls-deep in their iPhone.

So how do you do it?

Image via Waking Ned Devine. Remember that movie?

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