What Modern Car Deserves To Be A Hero On A TV Show?

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Everyone remembers Knight Rider, but not many people remember Viper. The premise was essentially the same: a lone hero pilots a high-tech car in the war against crime. It's a ridiculous idea, but a fun one.


If you brought that idea back today, what modern car would you use? I can think of one. Did you see that video Damon posted with the drone video of the Local Motors Rally Fighter? Sweet merciful crap, that was awesome. We all know the Rally Fighter is great, but you don't realize how impressive it is until you see it in motion.

As I watched it, this thought ran through my head: "The Rally Fighter can do anything and go anywhere." And from there, I decided that it really deserves to be the hero of some TV show, almost like a modern version of Knight Rider that isn't shitty like that other modern version of Knight Rider.

That's our question of the day: What modern car deserves to be a hero on a TV series? I think the Rally Fighter is a great candidate because it looks cool, sounds great and is basically unstoppable.

I'd fight crime in that thing. I just need a leather jacket and the right blow-dried hairstyle.



Screw TV, I want Bullitt back on the silver screen! Anyone up for a Highland-Green Metallic GT350 chasing down a black Hellcat Challenger?