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What Materials Should Be Used In The Cars Of The Future?

Illustration for article titled What Materials Should Be Used In The Cars Of The Future?

What's the next carbon fiber?

Automakers are an incredibly unadventurous bunch. In addition to copying everything anyone else does, they generally like to stick to what they know and avoid going out on a limb. However, they've advanced slowly in material usage over recent years. We've seen more carbon fiber and aluminum usage, inspired by racing programs. Nissan trying to make skin for your next car, which maybe is taking things a bit too far.


What materials — either for function or style — do you think we'll see in the cars of the future?


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Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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Who needs sway bars anyway

I know this is a bit retro , but I would love to see more plaid style fabrics in interiors. Like the Jeep FC concept, E30 M3 evo , 190e Cosworth