What Legendary Race Car Would You Most Love To Drive?

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Photo: Mike Powell (Getty)

I think it must be impossible to be a race fan without frequently imagining yourself behind the wheel of the machines you’ve spent your life drooling over. Whether it’s an old Formula One car or your favorite driver’s rally car, there’s something out there that would peak your bucket list. And I want to know what it is.


After seeing Carfection’s new video, where Henry Catchpole got the chance to drive Colin McRae’s 1997 Safari-winning Subaru Impreza WRC car and definitely had a few pinch-me moments along the way, I started wondering what my dream race car would be.

I’m just kidding—I already know exactly what it is. The beautiful, wonderful, glorious Tyrrell 003.

Oh sweet lawd there it is.
Oh sweet lawd there it is.
Photo: Martin Lee (Wikimedia Commons)

This bad boy was raced by Jackie Stewart back in 1971 and 1972 and was responsible for Stewart’s ’71 championship win. It was the first car built by the Tyrrell F1 team after its departure from former partner March, and it kicked so much ass that team owner Ken Tyrrell and Chief Designer Derek Gardner could have rested easy knowing they’d proved their worth.

I am a 003 fiend. I love the simplicity of its French racing blue livery, its sloping curves that contrasted so strongly compared to its JPS Lotus rivals. I love its driver. I love its Ford Cosworth V8 engine. I love it to pieces. And I’d actually consider fighting someone to the death if my prize was a few laps behind its wheel.


(If I’m totally honest, I’d also really love to drive the Tyrrell 002, which was basically the same as the 003 but had a longer wheelbase to accommodate Stewart’s taller teammate François Cevert, whom I love very dearly. Unfortunately, I am even shorter than Stewart and so would need an embarrassing booster seat to drive the 002. Sacrifices must be made.)

Which iconic race car would you choose?



It’s legendary cuz it was so bad. So yeah, sign me up.