Secret agents are cool. They travel the world stopping evil geniuses and wooing attractive members of the opposite sex. They're well dressed, clever and they usually have a pretty badass car at their disposal.

This is at least what decades of books and movies have told us and due to a lack of any firsthand knowledge to the contrary, we happily choose to believe them. This weekend we want to know what vehicle you would choose to drive if you somehow became wrapped up in the world of international espionage. Said books and movies have told us it should have no problem keeping up with bad guys but you should be prepared for the fact it is inevitably going to be destroyed in the line of duty. With this in mind, we want to know what kind of car would you drive if you were a secret agent?

Upon becoming a globetrotting high class secret agent, I would opt for a Cadillac CTS-V wagon. Although my first impulse is something vintage, having your car fail to start at the beginning of a hot pursuit probably isn't going to work. Same goes for your car deciding to set itself on fire at a random time, so nothing too exotic.


I trust the CTS-V's 556 horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged and intercooled V8 would hold its own in most car chases. Beyond that, who is going to be looking for a secret agent behind the wheel of a wagon? It's the perfect mixture of stealthy speed. Perhaps most importantly, when it's eventually destroyed by the enemy it won't be too hard to quickly come up with a new one.

What kind of car would you drive if you were a secret agent?