In 1997, RAF Wing Commander Andy Green piloted the twin-jet-powered Thrust SSC to 763 mph to nab the land-speed record. Today, he's racing a Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Radical SR3 in a race at Brands Hatch. I wonder which one of those things is easier?

On this week's Chris Harris on Cars, Harris teams up with Green — who's about eight inches taller — for a Radical race. Green, who looks like he fell out of the pages of Better British Fighter Pilots And Gardens, once once went full opposite-lock at 650 mph.


But can he drive an awesome, sportbike-powered racecar in race traffic as well as he can drive an awesome, Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan-powered desert sled faster than the speed of sound? And how do those two awesome things compare?

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