What It's Like To Drive Off The Seventh Floor Of A Parking Garage

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The woman who fell seven stories in her BMW 4 Series from the Littlefield Parking Garage in Austin, Texas has shared what the terrifying experience was like in a new interview.


It’s still a harrowing experience—one driver Christi Bowmer is lucky to have survived. Here she is discussing the fall in an emotional interview with the Austin American-Statesman:

Surveillance video recently released showed Bowmer’s BMW come crashing down on a reversing Chevy Tahoe, followed quickly by half a dozen bystanders rushing to her aid.

The new interview reveals that Bowmer is seeking legal action, which is why she only described the experience and not what happened to cause it. The police report from the scene indicated she said she must have hit the accelerator instead of the brake while parking.


This is the second incident of a car going over the edge of the Littlefield Parking Garage; the first occurred less than a year ago when a SUV was caught dangling from the side of the building. The parking garage claims it had a structural engineer and the City of Austin approve of its barriers.

Bowmer revealed that she thought she was going to die after her crash, which put her in the hospital for two weeks. She fractured multiple bones and had two arterial bleeds that forced emergency operations on her head. She says she has a high tolerance for pain and is just lucky to not be in a wheelchair.


Just make sure to be careful while you park, you may not end up so lucky.

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