What It's Like To Daily Drive A 1982 Toyota Celica Supra

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I have to admit it: I’ve kind of always wanted one of these things.

Maybe you have too. Maybe you also have a weird, inexplicable affinity for sharp-angled 1980s Japanese design and Toyotas that were actually built for people who enjoyed driving. If so, you should watch this video from Everyday Driver, which looks back at the Celica Supra without the rose-tinted glasses.


This one is owned by a guy who’s just 18. Four years prior, in order to teach him about cars, his father bought it for just $1,600 and they proceeded to gut and overhaul the whole thing together. The work they did is commendable; it’s an extremely clean machine.

So what’s it like to drive? You’ll need those long gear ratios to stretch out the engine, which is described here as “lackadaisical.” What did you expect from a 33-year-old naturally-aspirated inline six?


Most people associate the Supra name with the twin-turbo tuner dream from the 1990s, and while its predecessor isn’t that blistering, it’s fun in its own way, and full of character.

I’d say the owner is one lucky teenager. I hope he keeps it forever.

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I love these Supras. When I went back to college for the second time in the early 1980s to become a teacher, a classmate friend of mine had a new, shiny, black Supra. I was so impressed. Way cooler than a 280Z and waaaaaay cooler than my built GT4 level VW Scirocco. This was the same era that gave us the Celica and uber cool Toyota 3rd generation Hilux pickups with 4wd. Oh what a feeling, Toyota!