What Is Your Ultimate High Dollar Dream Car?

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It seems the more rare, beautiful and desirable something is the more expensive it becomes to make one yours. Unfortunately the world of cars is no exception to this rule which create some pretty outrageous prices for the most sought after cars in the world.

This weekend we want to know what expensive automobile sits in your fantasy garage. Don't worry about what it costs,
given the opportunity what high dollar car would you make yours? To make it interesting and make sure no car affordable by an average human appears as an answer we're going to say it has to cost at least $200,000 to acquire one present day. Don't worry though, the sky is the limit when it comes maximum price.

So use your imagination, if money was no object for one car purchase what would you buy? Perhaps more importantly once you bought it, what would you do with it (selling it doesn't count)? What is your ultimate high dollar dream car?


I don't want to kill myself in a Koenigsegg and even ultra low mileage GNXs haven't cracked the $200,000 mark yet so I'm going to purchase a 1957 Desoto Adventurer like the one seen here. Although it is massive and covered in chrome, I would argue it's not as flashy and significantly less likely to set on fire than the Ferrari 458 that was my runner-up pick.

When this one sold for $247,500.00 at Barrett-Jackson's Palm Beach sale in 2011 it had only 620 miles since it's restoration had been completed. My first order of business would be wearing off the perfection of the high class restoration while I drove the car absolutely everywhere with the top down.


What is your ultimate high dollar dream car?