What is your favorite oversized luxury car?

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Few things embody the statement "bigger is better" more than the luxury car. One only need look to any ridiculously expensive luxury mobile to see that as the price goes up so does the size. This weekend we want to know what luxury barge you would try and fit in your garage (real or fantasy). What is your favorite oversized luxury car?

As a person with nearly no interest in modern luxury cars, I have to go the vintage project car hell route to answer this question. Accordingly, my choice is the E23 BMW L7. I've recently gotten myself involved with a 1986 L7 (thankfully it's not mine) and the anticipation of some seat time in the massive leather covered interior is starting to get to me. Even though E23s are the least loved models from BMWs outstanding mid-80s lineup and every L7 came with an automatic, they are big stylish cars that can be had on the cheap and my luxury barge of choice.

I've told you about my massive BMW of choice, so tell us, what is your favorite oversized luxury car?


Photo Credit: TW Collins

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It's 18 feet long

It's 6.5 feet wide

It weighs 4,600 pounds

It comes with an 8.2L V8

It's the 1971 Cadillac Eldorado.

It's massive!