What is your favorite car commercial of all time?

Sometimes it seems Superbowl Sunday is about the advertising as much as it is about the football game being played. After a week of previewing the newest Superbowl car commercials we thought it was worth a look back at the great car commercials of the past. What is your favorite TV car commercial of all time?

This special bonus edition Question of the Weekend comes to you just in time for Superbowl Sunday. Whether you love Football or hate it, many great car commercials have been debuted over the years on this day. Between your lifetime of television watching, reading countless classic ad watch articles right here on Jalopnik and general automotive awareness, which is the car commercial that sticks out in your mind as your favorite?


My favorite advertisement would have to be the Chevrolet "Like a Rock" commercial I featured in my first weekend posting on Jalopnik. For me this commercial has everything you could look for in a great TV commercial. Nostalgia, unnecessary truck abuse, Amerigasmic back patting and entertainment value wrapped into one great ad I can't stop watching. What about you, what is your favorite TV car commercial of all time?

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