What is the worst factory car color ever used?

Over the years car manufacturers have made some interesting choices when it came time to pick paint colors. Which choices were good and which choices were bad varies greatly on a person by person basis. This weekend we want to know which color is the worst to ever appear on a production vehicle. What is the worst car color?

My choice for the worst automotive color is the brown color you see above on my trusty '98 4runner. While I love almost everything about my 4runner from the 3.4 V6 to the five speed manual transmission, I can't stand its boring color. The rare nature of the aforementioned V6/five speed combination is to blame for me deciding to purchase a vehicle with a color I so thoroughly despise. Whenever I see a early third gen 4runner in black, blue, red, green or any of the other better color options, I can only look longingly and remind myself how much it costs to repaint a car.


I told you about my 4runner's undesirable shade of brown, so tell us, what do you think is the worst factory car color ever used?

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