General Motors has been on a bit of a recall frenzy lately, and with another 2.7 million recalled today, the number of cars without defects is just getting smaller and smaller. But what's the worst one they ever built?

Some may say the Corvair, but that's just wrong. See, the issue with the Corvair was an issue that faced all rear engined cars, and Ralph Nader just jumped on the bandwagon. Imagine if it didn't go away? It'd be the Chevrolet 911.

No. The worst car GM ever built was a little car called the Cavalier. Specifically the late 1990s Cavalier. A car that a friend of mine had in high school but ended up having to sell because it was literally rusting itself in half. It was like sitting in a car that was built out of junkyard pieces. A car built by a psychotic hoarder.

What say you? What was the worst car GM ever built?