What is the most misunderstood concept of vehicular operation?

It's like the telephone game. Information gets passed around long enough, and truthiness flies out the window. It's the same thing with cars and driving. Sometimes people just get it wrong. What is the most misunderstood concept of vehicular operation?

"I'll be fine, going 75 on slush. I drive an SUV." How often have you been passed on the highway by at-the-limit SUVs, whose drivers appear to be overly confident in their vehicle's ability to keep them safe at unsafe speeds? Sure, there's something to be said for the extra weight, but four-wheel-drive won't save you if none of the tires have any traction thanks to 'ol Jack Frost. You know you're living on the edge when tumbling into the ditch is the best thing that can happen. (Thanks to Justin for today's QOTD)


(Photo: Sherry Yates Sowell/Shutterstock)

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