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Even though everyone's idea of a fast car is a little different, we all have a pretty good idea of the fastest one we have ever got behind the wheel of. What is the fastest car you've ever driven?

Many who are not in the cult of the automotive obsessed think that as car people, we only love cars because they go fast. We all know this couldn't be further from the truth, as every car person likely has a vastly different list of why exactly they love cars. That being said, most of us love fast cars.


Something about the power, the speed of acceleration, the noise and the feel of a fast car is intoxicating. Even if they aren't the cars we live with and love every day, getting behind the wheel of a fast car is something to be remembered and is supremely enjoyable.

Many of us have strikingly different definitions of what we consider to be a fast car. I have some family members who think a stock 90s Toyota Avalon is fast car. I've heard guys with 8 second drag cars talk about how slow a car that runs an 11 second ¼ mile is. What qualifies a car as being a fast car is really a matter of your perspective and no one can really be right or wrong.

So what about you? What is the fastest car you've ever driven? Not the car you've necessarily driven the fastest, but the fastest car you've had the pleasure of piloting, even if it was just around the block.

Don't think I am going highbrow on you, but the Aston Martin DB9 seen here barely edges out a pair of highly modified late 80s Chevrolet muscle cars to be the fastest car I've ever driven. Considered slow by supercar standards and comparable to most modern American muscle cars, the DB9 was plenty fast for me and pretty unbelievable to drive. I spent a chilly February morning driving around coastal Southern New Jersey enjoying my first and likely last taste of the automotive high life. After a morning of broken speed limits and British luxury, it was not easy to get back in my grossly underpowered 1994 GMC Suburban and return to the real world.


What is the fastest car you've ever driven?

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