It seems (to me at least) that newer cars are becoming more and more indistinguishable. Not just similar taillights, grilles, roof-lines, or trends - it’s seriously hard to differentiate some cars these days. So what is the easiest car to actually recognize?

It sure as hell is tough distinguishing the Corvette Z06 and Ferrari F12tdf, but Patrick George says that’s “probably because of aero.”

New or old, foreign or domestic, what car is easiest to point out in a crowd? Obviously something with three headlights or wild stealth-fighter-like shapes is going to be a bit easier to spot, but it could still be tricky.

It should also be a car people actually know about, not some super rare one-of-a-kind, knew-it-if-you-saw-it deal, because that’s not fair. Let’s stick so stuff with at least a few hundred in the wild.


Easiest car to recognize: go.

(Edit: emergency vehicles don’t count.)

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