What is the coolest way to transport nine people?

Most of the cars worshipped by the automotive obsessed—Sports cars, Exotic Cars, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Race Cars—have something in common beyond being glorious machines sought after by a legion of car lovers. They are short on space for passengers. Most have passenger seats and some even have parcel trays that masquerade as rear seats, but few are built for transporting any significant amount of people.

This weekend we want to take a look at vehicles that are built for people transportation, but are still undeniably cool. We know it's a narrow cross section, but several come to mind off hand. As long as it was rated from the factory to carry at least 9 people (driver included), it counts. What is the coolest way to transport 9 people?


Two words came to mind immediately while attempting to answer this question—vintage suburban. My Suburban generation of choice lasted an amazing 19 years from 1973 to 1991 but I would opt for a late 70s model, similar to the one shown above. Besides being very cool, these Suburbans had 3 bench seats that would easily accommodate 9 people and their belongings. Make mine two tone and include the optional 454 V8 and you've got one cool gas guzzling people mover.

What is the coolest way to transport 9 people?

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