Most new car model names suck. There— we said it. We once lived in a world of cars named for exotic locales and badass living creatures. These days we're lost in a sea of letters, numbers and words that require a dictionary or an marketing degree to make sense of to identify new cars.

This weekend we want to take a look at some of the awesome cars and trucks named for a member of the animal kingdom. We want to know about your favorite vehicle to ever roll off the assembly line named for a living creature. What is the coolest car or truck with an animal model name?

Our pick for the coolest vehicle with an animal name is the first generation Hudson Hornet. Beside the fact we'd argue it's got one of the best names ever attached to any vehicle, Hornets were oddballs ahead of their time. Introduced in 1951 by Hudson and produced in it's true form through 1954, the Hornet featured a "step down" design that merged body and frame.

Hornets were built with a flathead straight six engine that could be modified with the "Twin H power" package for additional power. The combination of the Hornet's handling characteristics and the engine's untapped power potential made it a favorite among early racers and our pick for the coolest car with an animal model name.


What is the coolest car or truck with an animal model name?

Photo Credit:Hugo90