With Volvo under Chinese ownership and Saab forming a partnership with China's Hawtai Motor Group, the Swedes may soon be like the Brits: storied carmakers without their own major car company. What is Sweden's greatest contribution to motoring?

Naturally, it's the Volvo TP21 Sugga, the military vehicle from whence the country's modern auto industry sprang. Named after the Swedish word for "female pig," the Sugga was designed as a go-anywhere radio-communications vehicle to keep tabs on the Russkies. Its sedan-like body rode on a relatively lightweight steel chassis driven by a 3.6-liter six producing 90 hp. It also had dash-operated locking hubs, which would become a must for 4x4s in decades to come. Plus, Swedish awesomeness literally poured off the thing. What else?


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