Wondering what Kanye West is driving in the opening of his (literally) epic music video "Runaway?" Although he may be rapping about Murcielagos, he's actually driving a Tatra. Czech sports cars? Yeezy, you one wild and crazy guy.

The car isn't a Tatra in the conventional sense, but rather the result of dropping a Tatra air-cooled V8 in the back of a vaguely supercar-ish looking vehicle. They were built by the small manufacturer/customizer MTX starting in the 1970s in then-Czechoslovakia.


The 1993 Tatra MTX he's driving is a rarer and more modern version, with the mid-mounted V8 putting out around 220 hp, which is good enough for a 0-to-60 mph run in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 153 mph. It's nothing too impressive, until you remember this is one of just a small handful of Czech supercars ever built.

He's now one-upped those in the hip hop game who think rolling up in a Bugatti Veyron SS is cool. We expect to see Kid Cudi in a Mega Track any day now.


(Hat tip to everyone who emailed this in!)

Photo Credit: Auto-Muzeum.cz