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We've thrown around the term "hoon" liberally. Now, thanks to this t-shirt, we've got an easy definition.


References say that Hoon stood for "man living off immoral earnings (i.e. a pimp)" at the turn of the 20th century. The term has evolved to encompass drivers of either sex "who drives any vehicle dangerously and/or fast." The term hoon is typically only used in Australia or New Zealand, but we're doing our damnedest to bring it front and center into the vocab of American gearheads everwhere.


This t-shirt worn at Summer Nats, an Aussie-flavored SEMA, wraps up the definition of hoon in a succinct, efficient manner. We're hoping this hoon-shirted bloke launched out of the parking lot after a smoky, tire-shredding burnout, gained enough speed to nail the perfect Rockford, thereby instantly attaining hoon-god status among his peers. A man's outfit says a lot.

Also, as an FYI to the world's laziest journalist, you don't need to name your post "photo for Ray at Jalopnik" to get our attention. Just wanted ya to know that.

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