What I Am, What I Want, I'm Only After Death! Psycho Babysitter

From the WTF? File comes this tale from Louisiana of a babysitter who dangled children, ages two and three, in front of oncoming traffic. Apparently, 25-year-old Michelle L. Tyler, charged with the care of the two girls, held the tykes out in front of passing cars; once she realized that no motorist wants a toddler-cake on his or her windshield, she attempted to ignite the kids' clothing with a cigarette lighter. Taken into custody, she then tried to kick the windows out of the police cruiser. She had recently gone off of some unspecified medication. Next time, Michelle, might we recommend that you dangle yourself in front of traffic instead of innocent children? Fackin' feck. We've got the jibblies big-time.

Baby sitter accused of dangling children in front of cars [International Herald Tribune]


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