What Hath Iosis Wrought: Mondeo Wagon Concept for Paris

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This image was lost some time after publication.

A year ago, Ford unveiled the Iosis concept, which designers said would set the pick for the company's European styling direction. Next week in Paris, Ford's planning to show off the car most heavily influenced by the Iosis, that is, the redesigned Mondeo midsize sedan. This shot of a wagon version, which hit the intersplice sometime in the past 12 hours, likely portrays a proto-Mondeo show car, which shares similarities with the Galaxy and S-Max minivans that were Ford's pride of Geneva for the past two years. Now if only they'd stop designing US models around the sensibilities of our puritan countrymen.

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Has anyone seen the Focus 2nd Gen in person? Its beautiful. But they won't bring it here. It's probably the same story for this mondeo wagon. They'll just (try to)keep flooding our parking lots with the likes of the Five Hundred and Fusion. Ugh.