What Great Automotive Legend Should Be In A Children's Book?

I was recently delighted to learn that there exists a children's book about the life and times of Soichiro Honda. Called Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars, it details how Honda fell in love with cars and engines at an early age and then turned his postwar motorized bike business into one of the world's largest makers of cars and motorcycles.


Isn't that awesome? If you're going to get your kid interested in cars, there are far worse examples they could follow than that of Soichiro Honda, who had one of the greatest entrepreneurial success stories of all time — and was a certified gearhead himself.

So here's our question this weekend: What great story from the world of cars or racing needs to be a children's book?

I, for one, nominate the Ford vs. Ferrari war from the 1960s. It teaches kids about hard work, responsibility, and how America can kick Europe's asses any time we damn well please. All good lessons for kids to learn!

What automotive kids' books would you like to see?

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